Sunday, June 10, 2012

Everything has been crazy!

Hey guys it's Reena!! I AM SO SORRY there hasn't been many posts. For one my hours at work changed, for two my computer has crashed and I currently do not have one, and for three me and my boyfriend are in the process of getting a new house, packing, painting, and moving! It's been so hectic and  crazy and I feel awful that I haven't been updating.

On another note, I hope everyone is at least keeping up with their diet and exercising! This week has been a tough week for me but back to the grind in the a.m! My old Zumba instructor is starting back up again which I am wicked excited about! It starts in two weeks I believe. I will post where and when as soon as I find out more details! I would love to see you guys show up and have the time of your life.

I prob. won't be posting until after I move in. Hopefully my cousin and post some things in the mean time. Give me about 2 weeks or so. Until then I will repost some of the older blogs.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Weight loss update

Good afternoon all! Ok so it's been a while. I figured i (tiffany) would give a quick update of how i've been doing on weight watchers. So far i've been on WW for exactly 2 weeks today. I've lost 4.2 lbs. I weighed in  today and only lost .4 this week. Reasons why? I know exactly why....last weekend was horrible. Heres a breakdown..

friday: i went out to chinese. Had beef teryaki and also extra fried rice instead of eggroll ( almost ate it all)
friday night: had quite a few bites of Greggs Death by chocolate cake ( one slice itself is 76 pts if i remember)

saturday: Me and the boyfriend went out for breakfast at the cozy grill.

Saturday night: had a drink or two

UGHH. learned my lesson this week!

this weekend will be better i promised myself.

I will update every friday to let you know the loss/gain.

Current weight: 152.8
Goal weight: 120