Sunday, February 10, 2013

TurboJam Results Week 3

Whoa! It feels like its been ages since I last posted. I am currently without power (I am at a family members how right now) due to the crazy storm Nemo! I have not been able to do my workout for 2 days and if the power doesn't come on I wont be able to do it tomorrow either -_- But on Saturday I did weigh in and I was pretty excited about my results! I lost 1lb and another 4in off of my body. Total: 12 pounds and 24inches! This is something that I am extremely proud about. I am so glad I started my whole journey when I did because I would have been very upset about myself otherwise. My body is changing so much for the better. I feel like I am literally melting away and it feels great. I feel so much stronger and have a ton of energy that I did not have before. As I continue my journey, I want to help others who were stuck just like I was. I want to make a change, make a difference . I realized that I CAN do whatever I put my mind to. I can work hard to get what I want. The best thing is, everyone can!