Friday, May 11, 2012

1200 Calorie Diet!

First off, let me thank EVERYONE for following us!! We had 400 views in one week and the blog is going viral which is awesome! I never  thought this many people would actually be following! So thank you all!!!

I am getting a lot of questions about different "diets" and calorie, fat, and or carb intake. I just want to say you can do whatever "diet" suits you best! You do not have to follow what I am doing. Everyone has different body types and prefers different foods at different times of the day. This blog is just an inspirational guide per say =).

With that said, I am on a 1200 calorie diet! Everyday I try to get at least 1200 calories into my system because it's VERY unhealthy for you to consume less than that unless you are training for something.

It's as simple as this: 1200 Calorie Diet
 Calories: 1200
 Fat: 30-40 grams a day (I always try to aim low but if you go over a bit its okay!!)
 Carbs: 140-180 grams a day
 Protein: 30-100 (protein is VERY good for you!)

Like I have mentioned before, KEEP track of everything you eat! It's def. a motivator in losing weight. It is also a confidence boost when you look back on what you ate all day long =). WEIGH your food if you have and/or even buy a plate that has smaller portion sections so you don't eat too much. The world is in your hands!

Here is a quote I found...

So PLEASE remember, YOU CAN DO IT =D