Thursday, May 17, 2012

Change of heart

Hey guys its tiffany here. I am extremely sorry that i've been slacking on posts. I've decided to quit my second job which gives me plenty of time to update on how im doing, etc.



I started off doing Herbalife. Which seemed to be okay at first. To me, it seemed to be extremely hard to keep up with and even harder to stick to. Two shakes a day seems like a piece of cake. Duh!  But for me it wasn't so easy.

I would have my two shakes a day and snacks in between like i should. By 2pm i would be starving. Craving anything and everything. From Chocolate to pasta to chips. It was AWFUL.  I decided to go back to doing weight watchers. I did weight watchers back in october and only stuck with it for 3 weeks until i found a started a new relationship (if you wanted to call it that).  I viewed my old progress and in that 3 weeks i had lost 4.8 lbs. So i know that has worked for me in the past, i'm aiming to try at it again.

I'm currently on day 2 of weight watchers and i feel great!

examples of what i have eaten so far...

breakfast day one:

1 fried egg (using pam on the pan. it should have been a boiled egg).
1 piece of wheat toast
8 oz of tropicana 50 orange juice


 2 tablespoons light ranch veggie dip
7 baby carrots


Smart one

Breakfast day two:

6 oz skim milk
3/4 cup of special k vanilla almond


I think it's a good thing that me and reena are doing different diets. This way here everyone can get the perspective of what goes on during both of our journeys.