Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 2 of Reena's Diet

Good morning everyone! This is day two of my journey to being healthy! I wanted to briefly touch upon the concept of exercising and routine. They say the best time to exercise is in the morning but most of us are not morning people, including myself. It's all about routine. We all know about routine, we have certain routines that we repeat every day. If you can't tweak your morning routine to get some exercise it try and tweak your afternoon one. For instance, get a  calendar and write down under  at the gym, or go for a run, etc when you get out of work or after dinner. (I have some great work out ideas that I will post later due to lack of time this morning!) The first week will be hard because your body isn't use to this new routine and you will be tired but after a week or so you are going to feel GREAT! Next week is when I officially start the gym and Zumba again =D. I cannot wait.

I will post more later on working out...and you never know guys, there might be a zumba video of us up later on =D