Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yummy Temptations

That snickers bar...the popcorn at the movie theatre...that chocolate ice cream. All of these things do wonders to our tastebuds. How can we manage to fight the cravings for sweets while trying to lose weight? This is one of the hardest things i deal with while dieting. Everyone has their own cravings. Mine is chocoalte. Whats yours?

I find that with different jobs comes different opportunities for consuming food. I work at a doctors office. I mostly sit all day at a computer. Along with doing this, comes my opportunity. I can just simply put that food next to my mouse and chomp away. Drug reps will come in with goodies for the doctors. Panera Bread cookies, doughnuts, gift baskets with more goodies. It makes it very hard not to go into the back and snack away. (Also not to mention, theres a vending machine with more deliciousness in the hallway).

I always think to myself, "one bite won't hurt". But one bite, leads into two, then three. All of a sudden you've eaten the whole cookie and started on a second. NOT GOOD!

Replace these snacks with fruits, vegetables, yogurt, nuts.

I went shopping last night with reena. A few hings that i've bought to snack on:
-carrots with light ranch dip
-fat free vanilla yogurt
-apples (2 different kinds)
-melba snacks with laughing cow cheese

If you absolutely need that piece of chocolate, i say HAVE IT. in moderation. and then go back to following the diet. I know i need my one cheat day a week that i can look forward to. Whether its going out to eat with my boyfriend, or just having that one day on the weekend to enjoy something you like eating. I say its ok. If you don't at least have that one day to look forward to, you'll eventually splurge and break down and go snacking crazy!

So please. Learn to like that crunchy carrot and learn to like that stringy celery. It'll all be worth it in the end.