Sunday, May 13, 2012

Crazy weekend

It has been such a busy weekend!! I (Reena) wish I could say it was a healthy one =/ . I ate wonderful all day Friday (consumed only 300 calories) and for dinner I had a turkey burger, a few fries and 2 buffalo wings =( and a few mixed drinks (captain and coke zero).  Saturday during the day, I consumed about 400 calories and for dinner I had a piece and a half of pizza from Antonio's. Then today I did pretty damn well. I have not consumed as much water as I wanted to this weekend either. I am trying not to feel so bad about what happened this weekend since im trying this new way of life lol. On a better note, I went for a BEAUTIFUL walk this weekend on a nature trail. It was so much fun. There were hills which were great! But back to the grind tomorrow.

How was everyone else's weekend? Did you all eat healthy? Did we have some difficulty like me? I would LOVE to hear from you guys!

This is what I want all of you do to and feel.................