Saturday, May 12, 2012

picture time!

Alright guys, we had said we would put pictures of ourselves up, and clearly we havent.  I (Tiffany) am going to put 2 pictures up of myself. one a front view, the other a side view. i will not show my face because these pictures were taken at 6am a couple days ago. They were taken when i first really started sticking to the diet.


OK. Now i know some of you may not think i'm not chubby or anything along those lines. But ill tell you what i would like to change about me.

LOVE HANDLES. Have always been a problem for me. Even when i went down to 108 lbs i still had them. Its uncomfortable in clothes i don't like the feeling of them.

LOWER BACK. my lower back is awful. I don't know whats going on down there but somethings gotta give.

Anyways, there's the pictures, and  those are the two things i would like to see improvement on!